Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Room of One's Own.

Typical, no blog entries for ages then two come along atthe same time...

Anyhoo, I've recently (and cheaply), with a lick of paint, a tidy-up and a few choice items - namely my vintage children's book collection, a set of 1960s 'lotto' cards, the Puffin postcards set and a few other bits and bobs I already had ... updated my log cabin studio from this;

to this...


  1. I have studio envy... I want a log cabin of my own now.

  2. I too have massive studio envy. I just want somewhere that's not the sofa, the kitchen table or the bedroom to work:) One day. I also wanted to say thank you for "Just Because" It's on heavy rotation with our boys at the moment and we all love it. Thanks.

  3. Ha - thanks you guys, although to be honest I still end up working on the dining room table more often than not anyway - nice to be in the center of the house surrounded by activity! But there you go. And so glad Just Because is popular with your younglings! Hopefully ehy'll like the next book (Mr Poopy Pants) too! Take care. xx


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